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Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

Gen 3 Prius vehicles are known to suffer head gasket failures. At Diablo Auto Specialists we offer Prius head gasket replacement, as well as a wide range of other Prius services and repairs. Our technicians have broad Prius diagnostics and repair experience, so if your Prius needs help, give us a call. Prius head gasket replacement is a major repair, so naturally we will first verify that your Prius needs the work. While check engine light coming on, and rattling and shaking are often associated with a blown head gasket, we will still perform proper testing to make sure such major repair is truly necessary. When we have the test results, we will reach out and explain what we found, along with the results of our digital vehicle inspection. If you notice symptoms of a potential head gasket failure – check engine light combined with rattling and shaking (especially when the engine if first started), never ignore these symptoms. Driving around with a blown head gasket can result in ... read more

Fall Auto Checkup in Walnut Creek, CA

Fall Auto Checkup in Walnut Creek, CA The Fall is upon us, and soon the rains will start. While we don't anticipate the kind of rainy season we had last year, it is still important to get your car ready for the rains. Fall and winter driving places additional strain on your vehicle, and so at Diablo Auto Specialists we highly recommend a health checkup for your car. While the traditional tune up is no longer a necessity, since your vehicles computers tune the car in real time, there are still some major areas of impacted by the fall and winter driving that can only be addressed by a human.  Wet roads can cause issues with vehicle control and stopping distance. We recommended having a suspension check, since suspension impacts stability, vehicle control, and stopping distance. Naturally a brake check before the rains is a good idea as well.  Starting your vehicle requires a surge of power from the car's battery. Is the battery in your vehicle up to the task? C ... read more

BMW Service and Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

BMW, a marvel of German engineering, does require regular services and repairs to stay in top shape. At Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek we provide comprehensive BMW maintenance services and repairs. Whether your BMW X5 has the check engine light “on”, or your Z4 has an oil leak, our technicians will find the root cause and get your BMW repaired – we do it right the first time. Diablo Auto Specialists is a family owned and operated auto care facility in Walnut Creek, CA. When we work on your BMW, we use cutting-edge digital tools to talk to the on-board computers. Our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), combine regular training with their extensive experience, the latest manufacturer repair information, and OE quality parts, so we fix your BMW right the first time. When you bring your BMW to our Walnut Creek auto repair shop, you will find friendly service, technical excellence, as well as free digital veh ... read more

MINI Cooper Service and Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

MINI Cooper has been with us for over half a century. During that time it garnered a dedicated following – at Diablo Auto Specialists we are fans as well. So if you drive a Mini, we invite you to visit our Walnut Creek auto care facility, and we will treat your Mini as if it were our own. Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek offers comprehensive Mini maintenance services, diagnostics and repairs. Whether it needs oil leak repair, suspension work, or a new clutch, our nationally ASE certified mechanics will get your Mini repaired and ready for new adventures. Our technicians are intimately familiar with the Mini – whether you own Mini Cooper S, Clubman, Countryman or Mini John Cooper Works, our technicians will use cutting-edge digital diagnostic tools to discover and remedy the root cause of any problem that may plague your vehicle. All work performed at our Walnut Creek auto repair facility is backed by 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty. With all services and repairs we ... read more

Mechanics Near Me in Walnut Creek, CA

When you search for "mechanics near me" in Walnut Creek, you may find a variety of auto repair mechanics, but how do you decide which shop to select? "Mechanics near me" is a pretty broad search, so here are a few indicators to help you decided if the auto repair shop you found is a good one. Naturally you want to check what reviews their mechanics received on Yelp and Google. But going beyond reviews, it's worthwhile to look at the shop's website: Does it work on the brands you own? Some shops specialize and will not work on your brand if it's not a part of their repertoire. If there are pictures of the waiting room - does it look like a place that you could go into and not come out all smeared in motor oil and grease? Are their mechanics certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)? Does the shop offer Digital Vehicle Inspections? This tells you that the owners are keeping up with the industry standards. Does the sho ... read more