Tie Rods Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

The function of the tie rods is to transfer power from the steering system to the wheels. At Diablo Auto Specialists we provide wide range of suspension services and repairs, including tie rod replacement. While tie rods rarely fail completely, when they do, the vehicle will become unusable, as the driver will lose the capability to steer the vehicle. But before the tie rods fail completely, they will give you warnings – knocking or clunking sounds, popping noises, excessive wheel play, vehicle vibrations – any one of these signs should motivate one to look for “mechanic near me” and to get the vehicle inspected. At Diablo Auto Specialists our nationally ASE certified mechanics will be happy to inspect your vehicle, and determine the cause of the symptoms you describe. Once we know the root cause of the problem, we will let you know what it will take to fix it. Most of the time, if you drop off your vehicle in the morning, we will be able to diagnose and fix t ... read more

Honda Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Honda Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Honda vehicles are extremely popular in Walnut Creek and the Bay Area. At Diablo Auto Specialists we offer full range of Honda services and repairs – whether  your vehicle needs brake fluid replacement, new brake pads, check engine light diagnostics, water pump replacement, electrical system repairs or Honda head gasket repair, our nationally certified technicians can diagnose and repair your vehicle so it can serve you faithfully for years to come. Our Walnut Creek auto care facility combines superior customer service with technical excellence. For your convenience we offer local Uber/Lyft, so you can get back home or to the office, while our highly skilled technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), diagnose and repair your vehicle. Our commitment to technical excellence extends not only to ongoing training for our technicians, but it also includes cutting-edge digital diagnostic tools, as well as complimentary digital vehicl ... read more

Honda AC Refill in Walnut Creek, CA

Spring is coming, and with it comes warmer weather. Before we know it, auto air conditioning will be in use all over the East Bay, including Walnut Creek. If you own a Honda vehicle, now is the time to have the a/c system checked out and to have air conditioning refrigerant refill. In Walnut Creek hot summers are not a surprise, so making sure the ac system works correctly is a good idea. It’s also good to have it checked before the hot summer days – to avoid long lines, and potential supply chains issues with refrigerant availability. Thus we recommend ac check every spring, so your Honda is ready for the summer. While there are a variety of issues that could impact your Honda’s ac system, low coolant levels will definitely require a visits to a “mechanic near me”.  When the ac system is blowing cool air, but not as cold as you would expect, chances are that an a/c refill is in order. California has stringent auto ac refill rules, including a/c sy ... read more

Honda Timing Belt Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

Most late model vehicles come with timing chains, and Honda is no exception. But thanks to Honda legendary reliability, there are still plenty of Hondas that were built years ago and come with a timing belt. Typically Honda timing belt needs replacement every 90,000 - 105,000 miles, depending on the model of your vehicle – your Owner’s Manual should spell out the timing belt replacement interval. We highly recommend following Honda recommendations for the timing belt replacement – because timing belt failure can lead to serious engine problems. During the timing belt replacement, we will inspect related components, and may also replace pulleys and tensioner. We also check the water pump for any signs of problems – that’s because water pump replacement is relatively inexpensive when combined with the timing belt replacement – most of the labor necessary to get to the water pump has already been performed in order to replace the timing belt. Natural ... read more

Cost of Operating Electric Vehicles Is Going Up

For the Q4 2022, as reported by Anderson Economic Group, drivers of a typical mid-priced electric vehicle paid between 31 cents to 3 dollars more for electricity to drive 100 miles than drivers of a typical mid-priced internal combustion engine vehicle paid for fuel to drive the same distance.  Electric car owners who charged their vehicles at home paid 31 cents more, while those charging at the commercial stations paid up to $3 more to drive 100 miles. These are national averages, so chances are if you own an electric vehicle in Walnut Creek, you are paying less than owners of gasoline powered cars. But that’s not because you costs are lower – we all see our electric bills – but rather because gasoline is much more expensive in California than in other parts of the country. It is somewhat disconcerting, though, to see cost of operating electric vehicles going up. Inflation takes a bit out of everyone. What concerns us even more is that as electric vehicles bec ... read more