Audi Suspension Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Your Audi has a suspension system that’s tasked with the responsibility of ensuring a smooth and safe ride. It’s because of this system that you barely feel the bumps and jolts when you drive into potholes and rough roads. However, the suspension system may be unable to deliver great performance when any of its parts malfunction. When this happens, you may find it hard to control your car properly and the ride is not nearly as smooth as Audi promises. Signs your Audi is overdue for suspension repair Suspension problems often develop slowly, and at first you may not even notice that something is amiss.  Over time, though, it can deteriorate to the point where it not only impacts your comfort, but it also impacts car handling. If you notice any issues listed below, we recommend getting your Audi to a local mechanic for a professional suspension inspection – one of the services we offer at our Walnut Creek auto care facility: Rough ride ... read more

Audi Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

It’s normal to have anxiety when the check engine light comes on, but you can rest assured when you put your Audi in our hands, there won’t be a problem for long. With our world-class diagnostics technology, we’ll pinpoint the cause in no-time. Our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and we provide them with state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools. The check engine light can come “on” for a wide variety of reasons – there are literally hundreds of conditions that can cause it to be illuminated. From something as simple as a gas cap that no longer holds the pressure, to engine issues, spark plugs, sensor problems (oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor), vacuum leak, even catalytic converter failure – any one of them will cause your Audi to illuminate the check engine light. When the check engine light is flashing, this indicates condition that could result in engine damage, so we recommend ... read more

Audi Repair Service that You Can Trust

Audi Repair Service that You Can Trust If you drive an Audi, then you know what it feels like to drive one of the best known examples of European engineering. There’s a good chance you invested in the brand because of your appreciation for German automobile design. So chances are that you are looking for a quality Walnut Creek auto care facility that can keep your Audi in top shape. At Diablo Auto Specialists we provide high quality Audi care, superior customer service, and a pleasant experience when you bring your Audi to our centrally located auto care facility.  All cars need maintenance over time to keep them performing well, but luxury cars call for an elevated standard of care, and with good reason. With higher performance capability comes a need for more fine-tuning and attention to detail. Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians have the training, experience, and the latest digital diagnostic tools to take care of your Audi.  The importance of r ... read more

Subaru Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair

Subaru Check Engine Light Diagnostics And Repairs Check engine light illuminating is among the greatest trepidations of any Subaru owner. At Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek we can take the dread out of the check engine light repair. Essentially the check engine light tells you that your Subaru’s onboard computer has detected a malfunction that needs to be resolved. Because the check engine light coming on can mean different things, it’s important to drive to an auto repair shop for Subaru check engine diagnostic and repair.  What does your check engine light mean? Here are some things your Subaru vehicle may be telling you when the check engine light comes on.  • Problem with the gas cap When your check engine light illuminates, one of the first things to check is your vehicle’s gas cap. It could be that yo ... read more

Features And Traits Of The Best Auto Repair Shops

Features And Traits Of The Best Auto Repair Shops

Finding a great auto repair shop can be hard. Although there are many auto repair shops around, many car owners do not feel comfortable taking their car to just any repair shop, and for good reasons. Yet, you must take your vehicle to one to keep it running smoothly. The good news is that there are good repair shops out there. You need to know the traits to look out for. Here are seven telltale features and traits that indicate that you’ve found the best auto repair shop. 1. Cleanliness Car repairs can be messy, but a good auto repair shop will go the extra mile to keep their garage clean. While it won’t be squeaky clean, it won’t be a complete mess either. A clean car shop indicates that the mechanics are organized and care about their reputation. 2. Experienced mechanics The worth of any auto repair shop is in the ability to carry out repairs without issues. For that to happen, a car shop must have experienced mechanics. The mec ... read more