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Brake Inspection in Walnut Creek CA

Regular brake inspections are important for your safety, as well as your peace of mind. At Diablo Auto Specialist we offer wide range of automotive services, including brake inspections. Typically, your vehicle should undergo a brake inspection every 12 months, to make sure this important safety system is working at an optimal level. Brake inspection involves both information gathering as well as a physical inspection. We will first ask you if you noticed any unusual sound, squeals, or grinding when applying brakes. We will also ask if you notice any difference in the way the brakes operate – does the brake pedal feel “spongy” when braking? Does the car pull to one side when braking?  Does it shake or vibrate when braking? Does it seem like it takes a long distance to come to a complete stop? Once we have gathered this information, we will use it when we proceed with a physical brake inspection – we put your car on a lift, take the tires off and inspect v ... read more

Brakes in Walnut Creek, CA

Brakes in Walnut Creek, CA Brakes are vital to your safety and to the safety of others on the road. That’s why at Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek we offer comprehensive brakes maintenance services and repairs. Whether your vehicle needs new brake pads, new brake rotors, whether it needs brake fluid replacement, caliper repair, or has brake line issues, or brake master cylinder problems, our nationally ASE certified technicians will diagnose the problem and have it repaired, usually the same day. Our Walnut Creek auto care facility provides complete brake services and repairs, as well as free digital vehicle inspection with any brake work we perform. We will provide you with an electronic copy of what we find, so you have up-to-date information about the state of your vehicle.   Our technicians have extensive brake system diagnostic and repair experience, and will get your vehicle fixed and roadworthy. As a matter of fact, after we perform any brake services or rep ... read more