Blower Motor Relay Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

Diablo Auto Specialists offers comprehensive auto air conditioning and heating services in Walnut Creek. You will find blower motor relay diagnostics and replacement among the many a/c and heating system services and repairs we offer. If your vehicle’s a/c or heater does not operate correctly, it may be something as simple as the blower motor relay. Our family owned and operated Walnut Creek auto repair shop employs highly skilled technicians who can diagnose and repair blower motor problems, usually the same day.

You can think of the blower motor relay as a kind of a switch – it turns the blower motor on and off. It is activated when the defroster is on, when the heater is on, and also when air conditioning is in use. So it tends to switch on-and-off quite a bit. Over time the blower motor relay will wear out, and will need to be replaced to restore proper blower motor operation. The good news is that it is a relatively simple repair.

If you notice any of the symptoms below, blower motor relay may be at fault, so bring your vehicle to Diablo Auto Specialists for a professional inspection and repairs:

  • Blower function on A/C is not working
  • Blower only works occasionally
  • Blower speed changes “on its own”

At Diablo Auto Specialists, the premiere Walnut Creek auto repair shop, we employ highly trained and experienced, nationally ASE certified technicians. They will be able to find the root cause of the problem, and fix your car, usually the same day.

Our family owned and operated Walnut Creek facility offers friendly staff, convenient appointment, as well as:

  • 36 month / 36, 000 mile nationwide warranty
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Military and first responders discounts
  • Free local Lyft.
  • Clear explanations of what needs to be done and why
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repairs

If your vehicle shows any symptoms of heater or air conditioning problems, bring it to Diablo Auto Specialists. We offer convenient online appointments – you can set up an appointment on our website, or simply call use at the shop – our friendly staff will be happy to help to set up an appointment that works with your schedule.