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Brake Inspection in Walnut Creek CA

Regular brake inspections are important for your safety, as well as your peace of mind. At Diablo Auto Specialist we offer wide range of automotive services, including brake inspections. Typically, your vehicle should undergo a brake inspection every 12 months, to make sure this important safety system is working at an optimal level. Brake inspection involves both information gathering as well as a physical inspection. We will first ask you if you noticed any unusual sound, squeals, or grinding when applying brakes. We will also ask if you notice any difference in the way the brakes operate – does the brake pedal feel “spongy” when braking? Does the car pull to one side when braking?  Does it shake or vibrate when braking? Does it seem like it takes a long distance to come to a complete stop? Once we have gathered this information, we will use it when we proceed with a physical brake inspection – we put your car on a lift, take the tires off and inspect v ... read more

Dodge Service and Repair in Walnut Creek CA

Whether you like sports cars or muscle cars, Dodge has something in the lineup for you. At Diablo Auto Specialists we provide comprehensive Dodge diagnostics, maintenance and repairs for Dodge owners in Walnut Creek, Concord, and Lafayette. Whether you own a Dodge RAM 2500 work truck, a Dodge Charger, or a Dodge Durango SUV with over 8000 lb. towing capacity, our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will diagnose, service and repair your Dodge – we will put it back in top shape. For the Dodge owners who own a fleet of Dodge pickup trucks, we offer priority fleet service. We realize that a truck sitting at a shop is not earning its keep, so we can schedule convenient appointments and offer priority fleet service to get your vehicle repaired and back at work. As with all vehicles, we recommend following Dodge suggested maintenance schedule – it will keep your Dodge performing at its best, and it gives us an opportunity to ... read more

2014 Subaru Forester: Excessive Oil Consumption, Engine Dying While Driving, and Suspension Problems

As much as we love Subaru vehicles, the 2014 Subaru Forester continues to gather complaints - apparently well deserved. Like many Forester model years it suffers from excessive oil consumption, but in addition, it is prone to engine dying while driving, and is known for suspension issues as well. Excessive oil consumption is a fact of life for many vehicles, including Subaru Forester. We recommend checking engine oil levels every 1000 miles and topping off engine oil if needed. Regular oil changes are also highly recommended. While excessive oil consumption can be managed, the engine dying while driving can be a scary event, and there is no known solution. We have seen many reports of engine dying at highway speeds, and Subaru dealership stating they could find nothing wrong with the vehicle. Please be aware that when you drive 2014 Subaru Forester engine may die while driving. Broken coil springs have also been reported by the owners of 2014 Subaru Forester vehicles. If you notice ... read more

Auto Headlights Restoration in Walnut Creek CA

Automotive headlights used to be made out of glass, so the “foggy headlights” were not a problem for over a century. Then, in 1990s, car manufacturers decided to make headlights out of polycarbonate plastic – and the deterioration of the outer layer of the plastic gave rise to the term “foggy headlights”. Manufacturers claim that plastic headlights are less likely to crack, more scratch resistant, and can be formed into all kinds of shapes that allow for more interesting car design, but the price we pay are the “foggy headlights”. Fortunately, at Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek we can restore your vehicle’s headlights to their former glory. The deterioration of plastic that cases “foggy headlights” is mostly due to the exposure to the UV rays from the sun, and this exposure is considerably greater in California than in the Northern part of the country. As the plastic degrades, it starts to absorb blue light from the b ... read more