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Brake Inspection in Walnut Creek CA

Regular brake inspections are important for your safety, as well as your peace of mind. At Diablo Auto Specialist we offer wide range of automotive services, including brake inspections. Typically, your vehicle should undergo a brake inspection every 12 months, to make sure this important safety system is working at an optimal level.

Brake inspection involves both information gathering as well as a physical inspection. We will first ask you if you noticed any unusual sound, squeals, or grinding when applying brakes. We will also ask if you notice any difference in the way the brakes operate – does the brake pedal feel “spongy” when braking? Does the car pull to one side when braking?  Does it shake or vibrate when braking? Does it seem like it takes a long distance to come to a complete stop?

Once we have gathered this information, we will use it when we proceed with a physical brake inspection – we put your car on a lift, take the tires off and inspect various components of the brake system: hoses, brake lines, brake pads (brake shoes on drum brakes), brake rotors (drums on drum brakes), brake calipers and the quality of the brake fluid (brake fluid needs to be replaced every two years, or when the water content exceeds safe levels – brake fluid absorbs moisture from the environment). We will document any items that require maintenance, replacement or repairs, and will send you an electronic copy of the inspection.

Our nationally ASE certified technicians will combine information gathered from you and from the physical inspection to identify any parts of the braking system that needs maintenance or repairs. Once you approve the work, it will be completed using Original Equipment quality parts, and we will perform a driving test to make sure the system works as designed under real world conditions. All work performed at our Walnut Creek auto repair facility is backed by a  3 year/ 36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

So if it has been a while since your vehicle had a brake inspection, or if you are uneasy about any aspect of your vehicle’s brake system, call Diablo Auto Specialists and make an appointment – we are happy to be of service.