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Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

Gen 3 Prius vehicles are known to suffer head gasket failures. At Diablo Auto Specialists we offer Prius head gasket replacement, as well as a wide range of other Prius services and repairs. Our technicians have broad Prius diagnostics and repair experience, so if your Prius needs help, give us a call. Prius head gasket replacement is a major repair, so naturally we will first verify that your Prius needs the work. While check engine light coming on, and rattling and shaking are often associated with a blown head gasket, we will still perform proper testing to make sure such major repair is truly necessary. When we have the test results, we will reach out and explain what we found, along with the results of our digital vehicle inspection. If you notice symptoms of a potential head gasket failure – check engine light combined with rattling and shaking (especially when the engine if first started), never ignore these symptoms. Driving around with a blown head gasket can result in ... read more