Auto Headlights Restoration in Walnut Creek CA

Automotive headlights used to be made out of glass, so the “foggy headlights” were not a problem for over a century. Then, in 1990s, car manufacturers decided to make headlights out of polycarbonate plastic – and the deterioration of the outer layer of the plastic gave rise to the term “foggy headlights”. Manufacturers claim that plastic headlights are less likely to crack, more scratch resistant, and can be formed into all kinds of shapes that allow for more interesting car design, but the price we pay are the “foggy headlights”. Fortunately, at Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek we can restore your vehicle’s headlights to their former glory.

The deterioration of plastic that cases “foggy headlights” is mostly due to the exposure to the UV rays from the sun, and this exposure is considerably greater in California than in the Northern part of the country. As the plastic degrades, it starts to absorb blue light from the bulb. The light that gets through the plastic is more yellowish, less potent, and the headlights become less effective in illuminating the road in front of the vehicle.  

The good news is that the headlights can be restored to their former state. Headlight restoration involves using specially formulated chemicals that are used to clean and polish the outer layer of the plastic. The polishing also removes the thin, degraded layer of the plastic, so the headlights are returned to almost pristine condition. If you are used to driving with “fogged headlights”, you will be amazed at the difference this procedure can make.

At Diablo Auto Specialists we perform headlight restoration for most SUVs, passenger cars, and light trucks. So if your vehicle’s headlights don’t shine as brightly as they used to, headlight restoration is the way to go. We can perform this service while your vehicle is in the shop for an oil change or other service, so there is no need for a separate trip.

So call Diablo Auto Specialists, and we will be happy to make an appointment to make your vehicle’s headlight shine bright again.