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What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

Just like any other machine, your car needs all its parts to play their role for it to work smoothly. If your catalytic converter becomes wonky, you can tell from other parts of the car as well. Here is what to look for if you suspect your catalytic converter is faulty;

Engine Check Light

The warning light, which is one of the most visible symptoms of a problem with your vehicle, is also one of the clearest indicators of a faulty catalytic converter. When scanned with a suitable OBD scanner, it will display a catalytic converter-related fault code, which must be deciphered using the operating handbook.

A Car emissions test failed.

Because the catalytic converter is a component of your car's emission system, it stands to reason that a failed exhaust emission test would indicate a damaged catalytic converter. Normally, you must get your car emissions tested once a year. Because the catalytic converter is the primary component responsible for safe car emissions, the test will tell you if it is functioning properly. The chances of failing the test are higher when you have polluted antifreeze or motor oil or increased carbon emission among other defects listed.

Rattling sound

If sections of the hexagonal structure inside the catalytic converter pull away due to overheating or damage, you will most certainly hear a rattling strange noise from under your car while it is idling or driving. When you start the automobile, the noise is usually the loudest. You should repair the cat as quickly as possible since the loosened debris can find its way farther down the catalytic converter and into the muffler. This obstruction can then cause the automobile to stall and possibly prevent you from starting it again.

You get less miles per gallon.

Do you find yourself pumping up the tank more frequently? A faulty catalytic converter frequently results in low fuel economy. Determined by the size of your tank, you might be unwittingly squandering a lot of money, and worsening the accumulation in your catalytic converter if it's already blocked.


Do not bother attempting to soldier on with a defective catalytic converter, you won't last long. If you need catalytic converter repair, give Diablo Auto Specialists a call today!