Tie Rods Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

The function of the tie rods is to transfer power from the steering system to the wheels. At Diablo Auto Specialists we provide wide range of suspension services and repairs, including tie rod replacement.

While tie rods rarely fail completely, when they do, the vehicle will become unusable, as the driver will lose the capability to steer the vehicle. But before the tie rods fail completely, they will give you warnings – knocking or clunking sounds, popping noises, excessive wheel play, vehicle vibrations – any one of these signs should motivate one to look for “mechanic near me” and to get the vehicle inspected.

At Diablo Auto Specialists our nationally ASE certified mechanics will be happy to inspect your vehicle, and determine the cause of the symptoms you describe. Once we know the root cause of the problem, we will let you know what it will take to fix it. Most of the time, if you drop off your vehicle in the morning, we will be able to diagnose and fix the problem the same day. All repairs performed at our Walnut Creek auto care facility carry 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty.

So if your vehicle is making strange noise, exhibiting vibrations, or it just does not “feel” right – bring it to our family owned, independent auto repair shop in Walnut Creek. Our friendly service advisors will be able to answer your questions, while our technicians stand ready to inspect, diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Call us to make an appointment, or make an appointment online, on our website, if you find it more convenient. We are looking forward to servicing your vehicle.