Fall Auto Checkup in Walnut Creek, CA

Fall Auto Checkup in Walnut Creek, CA

The Fall is upon us, and soon the rains will start. While we don't anticipate the kind of rainy season we had last year, it is still important to get your car ready for the rains.

Fall and winter driving places additional strain on your vehicle, and so at Diablo Auto Specialists we highly recommend a health checkup for your car. While the traditional tune up is no longer a necessity, since your vehicles computers tune the car in real time, there are still some major areas of impacted by the fall and winter driving that can only be addressed by a human. 

Wet roads can cause issues with vehicle control and stopping distance. We recommended having a suspension check, since suspension impacts stability, vehicle control, and stopping distance. Naturally a brake check before the rains is a good idea as well. 

Starting your vehicle requires a surge of power from the car's battery. Is the battery in your vehicle up to the task? Cold weather causes batteries to be less efficient. A battery that might have been perfectly capable of firing up the engine in the middle of the summer might not be up to the task on a cold winter morning. So we recommend battery inspection to make sure you don't face the prospect of a no-start condition just as you are about to head out for work. 

Tire check is another recommendation. While you can do it at home, we are happy to perform tire condition inspection while your vehicle is in the shop for suspension, brakes, and battery check. Tires need to be free of bald spots, and the tire tread needs to be sufficient depth to prevent hydroplaning and loss of control over the car. 

One more item to add to the list - wiper blade check. All summer long sun's UV rays damage rubber in the wiper blades. Since we rarely use wiper blades in the summer, it's easy to overlook the deterioration of the wiper blades until that first major storm. Visibility is vital to your safety, and the safety of your passengers, so we recommend wiper blade check before the fall rains arrive. 

Preventive maintenance keeps your vehicle performing at its best, and provides you with worry-free transportation. So bring your vehicle to our Walnut Creek auto care facility for a pre-winter checkup. Our friendly service advisors will be happy to make an appointment on the phone, or you can make an appointment online, if you find it more convenient. We are looking forward to seeing you and your vehicle at our Walnut Creek auto repair garage.