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Cost of Operating Electric Vehicles Is Going Up

For the Q4 2022, as reported by Anderson Economic Group, drivers of a typical mid-priced electric vehicle paid between 31 cents to 3 dollars more for electricity to drive 100 miles than drivers of a typical mid-priced internal combustion engine vehicle paid for fuel to drive the same distance.  Electric car owners who charged their vehicles at home paid 31 cents more, while those charging at the commercial stations paid up to $3 more to drive 100 miles.

These are national averages, so chances are if you own an electric vehicle in Walnut Creek, you are paying less than owners of gasoline powered cars. But that’s not because you costs are lower – we all see our electric bills – but rather because gasoline is much more expensive in California than in other parts of the country.

It is somewhat disconcerting, though, to see cost of operating electric vehicles going up. Inflation takes a bit out of everyone. What concerns us even more is that as electric vehicles become a larger percentage of the cars on our roads, charging them will put a massive strain on the power grid. When the state of California decides on a major power grid upgrade, the cost will be enormous – and likely, it will be added our electric bills. One can only speculate how much more expensive it will be to drive an electric car then. 

In the meantime, all we can do is to provide regular maintenance for our vehicles, electric or not. Regular maintenance extends vehicle life, increases reliability and peace of mind, and decreases probability of expensive repairs. So whether you drive an electric or gasoline powered vehicle, call Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek to make a service appointment.