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Audi Suspension Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Your Audi has a suspension system that’s tasked with the responsibility of ensuring a smooth and safe ride. It’s because of this system that you barely feel the bumps and jolts when you drive into potholes and rough roads. However, the suspension system may be unable to deliver great performance when any of its parts malfunction. When this happens, you may find it hard to control your car properly and the ride is not nearly as smooth as Audi promises.

Signs your Audi is overdue for suspension repair

Suspension problems often develop slowly, and at first you may not even notice that something is amiss.  Over time, though, it can deteriorate to the point where it not only impacts your comfort, but it also impacts car handling. If you notice any issues listed below, we recommend getting your Audi to a local mechanic for a professional suspension inspection – one of the services we offer at our Walnut Creek auto care facility:

  • Rough ride

Since the suspension system helps to absorb bumps caused by uneven road surfaces, a top sign that something is wrong is when you start to feel those bumps. You may also feel like you’re speeding over a speed bump when you’re actually driving over a small pothole.

  • Drifts or pulls to one side

Your Audi’s suspension helps to keep the vehicle stable whether you’re driving on a straight road, braking or taking a sharp corner. If you notice your Audi pulling to the side, you need to trained mechanic inspect the system.

  • Dips whenever you brake

If your Audi tends to lurch forward whenever you trying bring the vehicle to a stop, it’s likely due to failing struts or shock absorbers. Other times, you may notice that the front of your Audi dives down when you hit the brakes. Either ways, your suspension system needs repairs.

  • Uneven tire treads

Tire wear is normal and should be expected, especially when it happens evenly. If you notice balding patches or that the tire treads are wearing out unevenly, it could mean that the suspension system is not holding the vehicle evenly.

  • Oily shock absorbers

When shocks and struts are worn out, they tend to start leaking fluid. Check underneath your Audi for any sign of leaking fluid that looks greasy or oily. If there’s residue or dripping, your suspension may need repair and maintenance work.

  • Unusual noises

If you notice clunking noises every time you drive over a bump, it indicates that some parts of the suspension system are loose, worn or broken. You should have the suspension checked.

Suspension problems can be complicated and are best left to experts. Our nationally ASE certified technicians are highly experience diagnosing and repairing suspension problems – so when you notice any of the above symptoms, call us to make an appointment.