Audi Coolant Leak Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek offers full range of Audi repairs, including coolant leak repairs – we can discover the source of the leak and have it fixed, often the same day. When you start your Audi, the engine generates tremendous amount of heat. Without properly functioning cooling system, the engine would overheat, sustaining serious damage. Unfortunately, sometimes the cooling system fails, especially if it develops a coolant leak.

Signs your Audi has a coolant leak

We recommend a thorough cooling system inspection every 20,000 miles or so, though sometimes your vehicle may give warning signs that there’s a problem, like a coolant leak. Here are the top signs to look out for.

  • Puddle under your Audi

Puddle of any kind under your Audi should be a source of concern as it’s rarely good news. If the fluid is not colorless, contact Diablo Auto Specialists.  

  • Engine overheats

The purpose of the coolant is to absorb the heat produced by the engine to prevent failure caused by overheating. When this fluid starts to leak, the engine in turn will start overheating. If you notice engine overheating, pull over as soon as you find a safe spot to do so, and turn off the engine. Have your Audi towed to an auto repair shop.

  • Coolant warning light glows

Another sign that your Audi could be leaking coolant is when you notice that the coolant warning light has popped on. One of the causes could be low coolant level, though there are other conditions that could result in this warning light turning on.

  • Rust and discoloration

Perform a visual inspection of the radiator. If you see spots and discoloration, there could be age-related damage that may result in a coolant leak.

If you suspect a coolant leak, we highly recommend having your Audi towed to our Walnut Creek auto care facility. Driving with leaking coolant can result in engine damage, which is always expensive to repair, and in severe cases, may require engine replacement.