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Does My Car Need a Tune-up?

Does My Car Need a Tune-up?

While the time and mileage between service intervals varies between manufacturers, all vehicles driving on the roadways will need "tuning-up" at some point. How Often Does My Car Need a Tune-Up? Cars and trucks with fuel injection systems may go for longer intervals between tune-ups. Automotive experts say the majority of older vehicles will need a tune-up around every 10,000 - 12,000 miles. Getting a tune-up for your car or truck is like getting a regular wellness exam from your medical provider. Certified automotive mechanics complete a visual inspection of key engine components like fuel filters and fuel injectors to check for clogs and damage. They also check spark plugs, PVC valves, ignition timing and coolant levels for performance or wear and tear. If the results of the visual inspection are satisfactory, your mechanic will let you know what (if any) additional services they recommend. A less than satisfactory tune-up inspection requires repair or replacement of ... read more