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New Shop Address: 1439 Autocenter Dr Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (Just 1.5 miles up N. Main St. from our old location).

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Features And Traits Of The Best Auto Repair Shops

Features And Traits Of The Best Auto Repair Shops

Finding a great auto repair shop can be hard. Although there are many auto repair shops around, many car owners do not feel comfortable taking their car to just any repair shop, and for good reasons. Yet, you must take your vehicle to one to keep it running smoothly. The good news is that there are good repair shops out there. You need to know the traits to look out for. Here are seven telltale features and traits that indicate that you’ve found the best auto repair shop. 1. Cleanliness Car repairs can be messy, but a good auto repair shop will go the extra mile to keep their garage clean. While it won’t be squeaky clean, it won’t be a complete mess either. A clean car shop indicates that the mechanics are organized and care about their reputation. 2. Experienced mechanics The worth of any auto repair shop is in the ability to carry out repairs without issues. For that to happen, a car shop must have experienced mechanics. The mec ... read more