3/11/2018 Neil Bell Excellent service and communication. Very capable and helpful people. The best!
3/10/2018 Robin Charlton I can always count on great service and honest advice.
2/22/2018 Don Wheaton Tim was super helpful and explained everything completely. The car now drives like a new car.
2/22/2018 Nancy Clancy Always helpful and forthright.
2/15/2018 Ted Grillo My 2002 Honda's engine light went on- I knew it was past time for an oil change / oil refill. Went to another so called cost effective quick (took 45 minutes) oil change business near by first thinking they'd handle it - they didn't evaluate the check engine light code to verify if the code was for low or dirty oil, and light was left on. I went in to Diablo and Tim n staff were honest and upfront - the engine light was on for low / dirty oil. Tim said, "You get a pass today, no charge." Need I say more?
2/13/2018 Chuck Noland Thank you for your great service.
2/8/2018 Paul Lewis Great service, friendly staff - would highly recommend to anyone who needs repair work done.
2/8/2018 John Villandre Tim does a great job as always. He is fair and honest with his estimates and pricing.
1/22/2018 Linda L We found Diablo Specialists via an online search. Great find. My daughter's 2004 Escape suddenly lost all power. We had the vehicle towed to Diablo Auto Specialist. Tim was on top of communicating status of when he could fit in the inspection and work on the vehicle.
1/20/2018 Steve And Sandra Strobel outstanding as usual!!!
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