Walnut Creek 30K Mile Service

Walnut Creek 30K Service | Diablo Auto Specialists

The internet is an invaluable resource, and an important research tool that can save you time and money when used correctly. Have you ever researched how to properly take care of a car online? If so, have you noticed the disparate, even contradictory advice in columns and blog posts? It's likely you have, as they're all over the place. Some websites are engaged in fervid disputes about claims that are commonly accepted, like when to get an oil change or how often to bring your car in for service.

One statement you're likely to find scarce opposition to, at least from any professional or individual knowledgeable about the maintenance and care of vehicles, is that 30K service is one of the most important events in the life of a new car. Similar to charging a cellphone completely before and after its first use, 30K service functions as a method to set the bar high for performance standards throughout the life of a vehicle.

If you want your new car to perform at optimum levels, to endure 100,000 more miles, bring it to Diablo Auto Specialists today for your 30K service. Our professionals are dedicated to servicing vehicles, in the Walnut Creek community, to the satisfaction of our happy customers.