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Power Steering Fluid Change in Walnut Creek, CA

Power steering allows us to easily control thousands of pounds of metal with little effort. In order for the power steering to work properly for the lifetime of your vehicle, power steering fluid change aka power steering fluid flush is a necessity. At Diablo Auto Specialists in Walnut Creek, we offer power fluid exchange using new fluid that is recommended specifically for your vehicle by the manufacturer.

Modern cars tend to last longer than cars in the olden days, and if you believe statistics, the average age of the car on our roads is over 14 years – we sure are keeping them longer than ever. That’s why preventive maintenance is so important today.

Power steering fluid replacement can become a necessity if your vehicle develops a power steering fluid leak. This is simply a by-product of fixing the leak (the fluid is also likely to be contaminated, since lesser volume of the fluid was doing all the work). Another reason for power steering fluid replacement is contamination and deterioration over time. Power steering fluid, as it circulates through the system, picks up bits and pieces of grime, and debris that naturally occur in the power steering system. Passage of time and accumulation of debris result in power steering fluid losing its original mechanical properties. This in turn results in more wear of the power steering system.

Most manufacturers will specify at what intervals power steering fluid should be replaced – you can look it up in the Owner’s Manual, or give us a call and we will look it up for you. If information is not available, you can use a rule of thumb - change power steering fluid every 30,000 miles to 50,000 miles. However, if you notice steering difficulties, or whining noise when turning the steering wheel, it’s time to take your vehicle to a friendly local mechanic to have the power steering system inspected, Naturally we recommend our Walnut Creek auto care facility where we will perform professional steering system inspection and explain the significance of any issues we may find.

Whether you vehicle suffers from power steering fluid leak, or merely old, contaminated fluid, at Diablo Auto Specialists we can fix the problem and get your vehicle back in top shape. Our family-owned car care facility provides comprehensive auto care for Asian, European and domestic automobiles. So if your vehicle needs tender, loving care, call us at the shop. All services and repairs performed by our nationally ASE certified technicians are covered by industry leading 3 year / 36,000 miles warranty. Call us to make an appointment.